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GIVE less, GIVE more Pop-Up-Shop

GIVE less, GIVE more means simplyfying gift giving. Finding a meaningful gift does not have to be stressful or costly. Instead, finding a useful gift can be as simple as a handcrafted locally made item or gifting a lesson or a measure towards a health goal, focusing on simply carving time for a lost or hidden talent and gifts that receive use or are consumed.

GOOD ACRES LIFE welcomes you to join in with us and a select group of our favorite businesses and talents from the Northwest Arkansas area.

Susan Tillery, founder of LEVEL UP HEALTH & WELLNESS. Susan is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She recently retired from teaching in the Arkansas Department of Education for over 30 years. She is a certified physical education, science and health educator. We are pleased to have Susan bring a few of her personal wellness tools. She is an Independent Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide and a Wellness Advocate with doTerra Essential Oils. Start the new year with a new outlook on your relationship with food and allow her to help you balance your health goals. The gift of health, that is a gift worth giving yourself, a friend or your spouse as a gift for you both. Think buddy system with Susan as your coach.

Madison Woods, founder of WILD OZARK. Madison in a local artist who works from the ground up. She makes her paints from rocks, clay and herbs of the land surrounding her. She then uses these native pigments to paint nature around her property. She will join us with her Paleo Paints and artwork. Come and visit with her to learn more about her Soul of the Ozarks series of colors.

Kendra Kelley is the founder/owner of a new food prep service in NWA called PREP THYME. Kendra is passionate about food. With years of experience in the food service industry, it is her goal to bring you amazing menu selections of nutritious foods that fit your lifestyle goals. As the owner of a local restaurant, The Sale Barn Café, Kendra recognized a need in our area for healthful foods that are delicious and easy! Her meals encompass the flavors of the Ozarks while meeting the goals of clients looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All Prep It Up meals are created with fresh ingredients, sourced locally when possible. Kendra’s menu options offer healthy selections for those with a busy lifestyle. But don’t worry, Prep It Up meals are BIG on flavor! Eat healthier and leave the kitchen work and menu planning to Kendra and Prep Thyme.

Michael Clark is the founding practitioner of Integrative Body Therapy in St. Paul Arkansas. Michael sought Integrative Body Therapy as a means to deal with his own pain and physical challenges created by a career of using his body in an imbalanced way. He often missed work because of chronic pain which was related to Repetitive Strain Injury. He found himself fortunate to find practitioners of Structural Integration, Acupuncture and other manual therapies who helped him overcome his chronic pain. Through managing his own pain he made a career change and found his “true calling” and that is to assist others to improve the quality of their lives. Michael is a licensed Master Massage Therapist in the State of Arkansas. He is certified in Structural Integration, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release and Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation (ETPS) / (TENS) Micro Therapeutic Point Stimulation. Michael has studies Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nutrition. Good Acres Life owner Mariette Spidel invited Michael as she has received several sessions of work with Michael and has had great relief from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain.

Lisa Bauer is the proprietor of Main Street Trading Company, in Huntsville Arkansas, Lisa conducts private or group painting lessons in her studio on Main Street of Huntsville. Lisa has been teaching since 2000. The moment you enter her quaint little shop you will fall in love with her puppy Randi and the selection of many hand crafted items and antiquities she selects from the area. I am honored to say that I know most of the artesian’ s, wood workers, photographers, potters and tie-dye artist who Lisa will feature from Main Street Trading. You are in for an eclectic selection of goods in one spot.

Frank and Carol Butler of GEOASIS CRYSTALS share their passion for gems and minerals with crystal lovers around the world. Frank's collection began over 60 years ago with a gift from an uncle. Today, Frank and Carol are the caretakers of thousands of mineral and crystal specimens. Geoasis Crystals caters to beginning rockhounds, the most sophisticated collectors and energy healers. As a retired educator, Frank dedicates his time to researching each specimen and sharing his knowledge. Carol studies the metaphysical properties to help those looking for the energy and balance that crystals can bring to life.

Heidi Massey is a NORWEX Independent Consultant. She is a mom to five young children who inspired her to create a healthy home and to share with others how to achieve a healthy home by reducing harmful chemicals and waste that challenge our health and our environment. Norwex offers a unique line of products that reduce waste from everyday products such as plastic wrap to paper towels: reduce chemicals in our home with their unique microfiber with BacLock cleaning products. Norwex also offers a variety of personal care products from baby to adult. Heidi will have a wide variety of products available for you to see in action and put to test with hands on demonstrations.

Noel and Marie Self are the owners of SELF ACRES HAPPY BEES APIARY in Goshen Arkansas. They sell raw local honey and bee products, such as bee pollen, bees wax and lip balm. The Self’s have had bees for more than 40 years. Marie uses honey exclusively to cook with in her home. Come visit with the Self’s to learn more about how they use honey and bee products.

Earlier Event: November 30
GIVE less, GIVE more Pop-Up-Shop