Whisker Wrangler with comb

Whisker Wrangler with comb


Whisker Wrangler conditions your beard and skin with plant based conditioners, putting an end to unsightly beard dandruff. Babassu oil, Candellia wax and Sweet Almond Oil also shape and hold your beard.

Whether you are just joining in the participation of No Shave November / Movember movement or you already have a commendable beard we think WW will be a favorite go to.

Australian Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Lime, Petit Grain are grounding essences yet uplift your spirit.

Start by cleansing your face and beard, towel dry after showering. When new to WW we suggest you start slow with application to fingertips and massage and work into beard and skin. Follow by combing through with the included Sandalwood comb.

Sandalwood combs do not create static and emit a green sandalwood aroma when used. They patina with use. Plastic combs can cause micro-abrasions to the skin as well as damage hair strands.

After you become a pro at how much to use, gently rub the roll up in a downward motion over your beard to apply.

Your roll up container is a PET amber tube which protects the integrity of ingredients and is 100% recyclable after you have used the product.

When purchasing this set you will receive an information on how to use as well as save $1.00. Our flannel bag was hand sewn from a well loved flannel shirt ready for it's next life, holding your new product.

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