Whisker Wash

Whisker Wash

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Whisker Wash is a PH balanced plant based soap, gentle enough to use every day. Glycerin soap has a rich, dense lather perfect for use as a shaving soap.

Before we hand pour the soap we add Babassu oil for added moisture and protection for your skin. You will find the same blend of essential oils as our other beard products. You will likely see a white film on the back of bar, that is Babassu oil.

Activated Charcoal removes impurities and cleanses pores. Organic Matcha Green Tea contains EGCG, a potent antioxidant that counteracts many environmental factors that are referred to as free radicals. It is 24% more potent that vitamin A and 75% more potent than vitamin C. A true free radical scavenger.

Want to know a little secret? If you are shopping for your man but you enjoy blends of grounding and earthy essences this bar is for you too. Organic essential oils of Australian Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Lime, Petit Grain are grounding and will uplift your spirit.

Feel free to cut this bar in half making it easier to hold. This will also extend the life of your purchase.

1.5 oz bars are poured round to fit into the hand thrown shaving bowl.

.50 oz bars are rectangular in shape.

Whisker Wash bar:
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