Restorative Lotion

Restorative Lotion

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Our Restorative Lotion brings dry skin back to life.

Organic unrefined Shea Butter * and organic Babassu oil penetrate your skin providing conditioning and essential moisture. This solid lotion combats environmental effects from UV exposure, wind and outdoor elements. Organic Matcha Green Tea contains EGCG, a potent antioxidant that counteracts many environmental factors that are referred to as free radicals. It is 24% more potent than vitamin A and 75% more potent than vitamin C. A true free radical scavenger.

Organic Peppermint and organic Sweet Orange oil provide uplifting aroma to the blend. We selected organic Frankincense as an anti-bacterial type of sanitizer for hands and feet. Restorative Lotion should not be used on the face, near the eyes or other sensitive areas of the body due to the powerful essences in peppermint oil.

Consciously Crafted means selecting fair trade ingredients as well as butters and waxes that were not tested on animals. We test on our favorite humans and never on animals.

Our roll up PET amber tube protects the integrity of the blend and is 100% recyclable after you have used the product.

  • Unrefined Shea Butter can at times have a grainy type feel. This is only present when first applying and dissipates after contact with body heat. This varies from batch to batch and is beyond our control.

Restorative Lotion:
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Restorative Lotion protects our skins natural moisture barrier. Combines plant waxes deliver hydration as well as anti-oxidant properties protecting the skin against past and present environmental exposure.