Ozark Mist PURIFY mask enhancer 1oz

Ozark Mist PURIFY mask enhancer 1oz


Ozark Mist PURIFY mask enhancer is formulated to customize your mask PURIFY clay mask treatment.

Infused with appropriate plants oils to provide essential hydration and decongest pores, it delivers specific essential oils to even and balance your complexion. Organic Golden Jojoba oil is the foundation of this treatment. Golden Jojoba oil is an unrefined oil which is delivering Vitamin E and A to the skin. Vitamin E and A help control bacterial growth in the pores and act as an anti-inflammatory agent, soothing irritated skin. Organic Egyptian Geranium oil is excellent for reducing inflammation in acne skin conditions. Organic Lavandin oil has a slight camphor aroma as compared to other lavender. Lavandin promotes cell regeneration and encourages blood circulation. It has been shown to assist in reducing of scaring in skin.

When to use- Add 3-4 drops into facial mask after adding suggested liquids to mask. If treating hands, chest and neck areas add an additional 2-3 drops.

Alternative use- This product can be used as a pm moisturizer by applying to moistened skin. Moisten the skin by applying your favorite toner or water. Pump 2-3 pumps into moistened hand and evenly distribute over face, neck, chest and neck area. By use of water or toner you will use less product and the moisture will work to move the treatment over skin more readily. Can also be used a spot treatment in congested or problematic areas under SPF and makeup, 1 pump suggested.

Note: This is not an eye treatment and should not be used in the orbital area near the eyes.

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