PURIFY clay mask

PURIFY clay mask

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Part of our Ozark Mist Skin Collection, PURIFY clay mask consists of White Kaolin clay, a mild exfoliator that soften your skins texture. Moroccan Rhassoul clay removes impurities from the skin while improving texture, increasing blood circulation and elasticity. Organic Yarrow powder has been used for years as wound treatment. Used in the mask as an astringent promoting healing , controlling sebum production while maintaining PH of skin. Also said to offer skin tightening benefits. Activated Charcoal detoxifies skin by attracting debris, dead skin cells while reducing appearance of large pores.

The product is in powder form ready to mix and customize to your needs.

Instructions on how to prepare, two wooden spoons, one for mixing and one for measuring are included in an unbleached muslin bag, tied with 100% organic cotton string.

Purify Clay Mask:
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