Unscented Organic Flaxseed Eye Pillow

Unscented Organic Flaxseed Eye Pillow


 Our unscented organic flaxseed eye pillow has many uses.

At the end of a long day, our unscented eye pillow can provide relief for tired burning eyes. Not only does it block out visual stimulation, the gentle weight of flax seed provides gentle accupressure to the sinusus and eye area.

Use of flaxseed pillows have shown to induce sleep and encourage relaxation. Whether you want to grab a quick reset nap or fall into a deep sleep overnight an eye pillow can greatly help you fall asleep faster.

 Other benefits of eye pillow use are help with headache symptoms, relieve sinus pressure and offers warm or cold use based upon your need.

100% organic flax seed sewn into 100% organic cotton bag. We suggest you keep the outter kraft paper sleeve for care and use. Pairs well with our REST environmental purification spray.


Sown with 100% Organic cotton


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