Nourish, All over body blend

Nourish, All over body blend


Leave lotion behind with cold pressed Argan oil, marjoram, petitgrain essential oil and our own blend of certified organic essential oils will nourish your body from head to toe.

Argan oil has many benefits. Used regularly, Argan oil nourishes skin by hydrating and enhancing our skins appearance. Argan oil treats many skin conditions from wrinkles to acne and eczema. Argan provides anti-oxidant protection, Argan is a solid source of vitamin E and is rich in essential fatty acids. Our NOURISH blend is an all-around effective conditioning treatment for hair. Dry and damaged hair can be ther result of chemical treatments, environmental damage or health related conditions.

 For skin and all over body use, use appropriate drops for area of application. We suggest using 2-3 drops per area (leg, or arm) to begin with to establish amount you will need as not to overuse.

For hair, dampen hands with water, run your hands through your hair then add 2-3 drops of Argan oil. If deep conditioning is needed apply and cover hair with towel or bag for 15-30 minutes, then shampoo. 1 drop can be applied to hair for anti-frizz styling when blow drying hair. For cuticles, dampen your hands apply one drop to each hand and rub into skin.


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