Summer 2019 Clearing Bundle SOLD OUT

Summer 2019 Clearing Bundle SOLD OUT


Use of a floral or herbal ‘smudge stick’ is an age old tradition for clearing our spaces of negative energy, illness and encouraging positivity. Moving stagnant energy in our homes and work spaces is an important measure of cleaning and clearing bacterial and stale energy. Certain cultures believe that the unwanted energy connects to the smoke produced from the stick and is removed as the smoke dissipates. A new concept for some but in our home we have ‘smudged’ for over 20 years. It also makes a wonderful gift for a new home to fill your space with positive, loving energy.

Our clearing bundles are made from organically grown plants and herbs harvested right here in the Good Acres garden. * Feather shown is not included.

This collection features hyssop, rosemary, lavender, yarrow and calendula rolled into a mullien leaf. The outside of bundle features freshly cut cedar, hyssop stems and blooms, calendula flowers with stem

Here’s a short informational paragraph to let you know just a little more about the plants we have used in our 2018 bundles. Yarrow is known to eliminate toxins from the body. Cedar, cleanses and purifies, Rosemary is used for protection. Mullein, is used for clearing and cleansing sick rooms along with improving respiratory function. Lavender provides calm and Calendula is soothing the mind and body. It is believed that the Calendula petals can represent life, sweet yet fragile.

How to use? Light one end of the bundle until a soft smoke appears. At this point you can walk through your space with the bundle. It can be said that at this time intentions from the user can be silent or said aloud. Slight waving of the bundle will keep it lit as you clear your space.

Burn responsibly by never leaving unattended and making certain all embers have been extinguished prior to storing away. We place our bundles in a cup or glass overnight for safety.

** Please note that bundles may arrive green. If so, allow to dry three weeks before using. If you prefer to receive a bundle ready to use please make a note in your order and we will honor your request. While waiting for the bundles to dry they make excellent car fresheners.

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Seasonal item, available again in the summer of 2020.