AWAKEN Environmental Purification Spray

AWAKEN Environmental Purification Spray

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Science based data is revealing eye opening information on the impact of synthetic and petrochemical ingredients on our overall health. Our Environmental purification collection uses organic essential oils without propellants or fluorocarbons to cleanse your space and calm your senses.

Propellant sprays that are commonly used to freshen our homes and work spaces are laden with chemicals that come with little or no warning of the effect on our well being. Example, BHT, Acetaldehyde, “Fragrance”, Propylene Glycol, Limonene, Methyl Pyrrolidine and Benzaldehyde, just to name a few.

AWAKEN is formulated to increase your inner quiet and sense of well being. Awaken is a unique blend of essential oils that purify the space around you and awaken your inner self.

Please note that essential oil blends should not be used directly on animals. Homes with cats should take caution when spraying or diffusing essential oils in the home. Our Environmental Purification Spray have been tested on common household fabrics without any concern. Do not spray on wood or leather surfaces. Given there are no preservatives or synthetics, the average burn off time of an application is right at 3 hours.

We hope that you will enjoy our purification spray collection. May it AWAKEN your inner self as you use it in your home, car and work space.

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