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At home in the Ozarks

Mariette Spidel, maker of environmental purification sprays, organic skin, body and beard care products. GAL products are individually crafted in small batch.

GAL ‘Consciously Crafted’ slogan is reflection not only the individual ingredients in each product but also in the packaging.

Our products consist of ingredients occurring in nature. Our packaging is either compostable, recyclable or can be repurposed. We use PLA, plant-based plastics when possible.

The heart and hands behind Good Acres Life are Mariette Spidel, A mom of 3, wife and Momma to five furry friends. A licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician and retail manager by trade and her passion for our earth is bundled into one with her local Ozark small business.

She and her husband moved to the Plateau region of the Ozarks 7 years ago. She started a garden and settled into the Ozark way of life. As a young girl Mariette spent summers at either her grandparents’ home in South Arkansas or girl scout camps around Arkansas. It was in these environments that she learned the value of growing our own food, using resources wisely, and leaving our planet a better place for future generations. Holding on to those lessons as an adult, Mariette is mindful of our natural resources and considers our body to be one of our most valuable resources. Caring for the body as an eco-system is deep within the creation of each product Good Acres Life offers.

Good Acres Life handcrafted products are crafted from pure and effective ingredients from nature. We do not use synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, animal biproducts or synthetics. Instead, GAL uses botanicals, plant oils rich in essential fatty acids, green antioxidants, and minerals from the earth.

Her home away from home is a small garden shed that she refers to as Ms. She Shed. Weather allowing, she opens all of the doors and observes nature at play in her two gardens. While working about on the Good Acres property or her gardens she is most always in the good company of one or more of the Good Acres furry friends.