Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too?

I appreciate this saying and what it might mean to different individuals. I am all for folks having their cake and eating as much as they wish. I’m not a cake gal, but I do love cookies.

Starting a small business that stands for clean organically grown ingredients, less chemicals and awareness of ingredients we use on our bodies is as exciting to me as a big box of freshly baked warm chocolate chip cookies.

What actually happens before we create a Good Acres Life product? I observe the market, ask my friends questions about what they use, might need, etc. and do diligent research of ingredients. My curious side wants to know the efficacy of each ingredient and how it contributes to what I wish to create. Secondly, I want to know if I can grow these ingredients here in our garden. If I cannot, are they sustainable ingredients and the big question, are they grown without chemicals. My personal track record with working towards a goal and achievement is pretty high. Call me stubborn and bull-headed. I act on any project as if I can have an entire cake and eat it too.

Let’s jump right into my point. While the majority of our Good Acres Life current product selection is based upon requests and or needs of others, this particular new project is all about me. Over the last 15 years I have given at least 8 different “natural” deodorants a run for their money. The line up lists like this; natural rock crystal, Tom’s of Maine, Desert Essence, Native and locally made deodorants too. They just didn’t work for me. Time after time I return, defeated, to the chemical anti-perspirant big branded deodorant. I dislike using the chemical laden product but greatly appreciate how well it works. I have hyperhidrosis. What is hyperhidrosis? Basically, that means I sweat and heavily. When put in the right environment, such as I consume too much caffeine, feel nervous or eat an abundance of sugar rich foods it’s at it’s worst. So then, yep, I’m not the freshest flower in the room. What does eating cake have to do with deodorant you ask? In layman terms, there is not a chemical free anti-perspirant. Period!

When I meet with customers and we discuss which product they might benefit from I begin by discussing our largest organ, our skin. Skin 101, goes like this, everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our body, in most cases in under 30 seconds. Our bodies perspire for a purpose. It is our means to detoxify and purify naturally. By applying chemicals we are telling the body to stop what it should be doing. Placing chemicals on our skin that are scientifically shown to be harmful to our health. Not cool. Fast forward to the alternative, roots, clays and even plant and flower essences have their own chemical constituents. Plants and essential oils have naturally occurring organic compounds that offer benefits. In all their natural glory, they are not perfect but they do pretty amazing things. So, while Good Acres Life products we currently offer might require adding liquid, mixing one ingredient with another, this is due to there not being preservatives, avoiding chemicals. In this case the question really isn’t, can you have your cake and eat it too but, what do you want to do to move towards not putting chemicals on your skin? This might not even be as important to you as it is to me, and that is okay too.

After spending the month of January studying ingredients, alternative thoughts on cultural ideas of what we consider sweating and body odor, comparing Eastern and Western remedies for defeating bacteria that is the root cause of BO. I am preparing to create our first trial product for our PURE Yin/Yang deodorant line. PURE is a chemical free, non-toxic deodorant assortment. Chemical free deodorant requires commitment. Commitment to be proactive in leaving chemicals behind and treating the natural function of perspiration as necessary. In the research for what contributes to BO, sweating armpits and embarrassing perspiration it became pretty clear that it’s again all about what we put in our bodies as to what comes out. I encourage you to read up on various means of detoxifying your body from the chemical deodorant before trying our non-toxic PURE deodorant products. If there is no other take away from this blog other than an awareness of what we put on our skin and what it takes in then it was worth the time to collect my thoughts shared here.

If you are interested in helping us test these formulas please email us at We hope to have 10 people of various lifestyle and backgrounds help us in this test period.

And yes, you can have a chemical free deodorant with the realization that it will have it’s challenges, differences and through it all will be better for your eco-system, beautiful you.

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