Remain Infinitely Curious

This blog begins as another ode to mentors.  On our life's journey we meet people who have a contribution to our life story. This particular mentor helped coax me out of my shell in the field of business relationships. Some would think their methodology was harsh but their patience and  constant nudging resonate with me to this day. A particular statement from them rings today in times of learning and growth,  "Just go in there, and remain infinitely curious". If I were a cat, I would be well on my way to my 12th life. Oh, I aced that lesson, trust me, I am curious. 

These days my curiosity is geared more towards our region, the people, the LIFE that is in the air that we breathe here in the Ozarks. Gone are the days that I sought to know what made a team member in the workplace happier, more productive or engaged. At this juncture in life, I am infinitely curious about plants especially  native plants. This form of curiosity, as I see it, falls under the "Every day is a school day" mentality. 

Allow me to jump back into the prior going native blog .  I was curious to know just what was so spectacular about natives that 7 of 10 gardeners would bring up native plants in a conversation. Our first source for native information was a gift from a new native friend. She gifted David and I three very informative books. One book was on trees, one wildflowers and the third on birds all from Arkansas. If you are searching for a meaningful gift please consider gifting one or all of the above on the particular state or region. A book to hold in your hand as you walk a trail or sit on your deck can bring a wealth of knowledge to feed your curiosity. Unplugging from technology with a loved one, grandchild or a friend and just taking in the nature channel is a perfect evening indeed. 

The start of the native journey was to create a listing that I would add to our garden. That assignment was fairly easy and the list quickly became as long as my arm. My curiosity peaked even more as the wild flower book mentioned a variety of insects and butterflies that relied upon these beauties. This was the ultimate trifecta. Beauty, Habitat and supporting life and viability of necessary things in nature. I wanted these plants and to host butterflies and every insect that I could and in one short year I was on my way. 

For a fleeting moment I thought back in time to the wasted years of planting non-native plants and annuals, which must be planted again and again. Counteractive, I planted two corners of our vegetable garden with native host plants. I wanted to be a Lepidopterist and Entomologist type of Marta Stewart, a hostess extraordinaire who by creating the ultimate environment for beneficial insects to visit and mingle with I was the yard to be in.  And beyond my widest imagination I had a nursery of sorts where eggs were being deposited and wee ones hatched into the world. I watched the process of veracious feeding, quickly developing and before we knew it they were flying away right before your eyes.  I was fortunate enough in this year to watch my very first butterfly release from it's chrysalis and fly away after being it's nanny for many weeks.   

It has been said that knowledge is power but I would like to introduce the idea of knowledge as awareness. No matter how insignificant our curiosity we can be students for life and do great things. The pace of our curiosity is not as important as the journey we walk as we learn. 

Remain infinitely curious my friends. And vote YES for natives. 


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