Every Day Is A School Day

Starting a blog has been quite like preparing for a new baby or buying your first puppy. A nerving experience, unknowing and yet exciting and joyful.  It is with utmost excitement and joy that we share our experiences as we depart from city dwelling to LIFE in the Ozark Plateau of Northwest Arkansas on our land we fondly refer to as the Good Acres. 

Making a huge geographic change was the smallest step in leaving life in large metro areas for a rural setting in an under-populated county. There was so much to learn about our new home and there were many differences. I soon set out to learn the local ways, taking to heart a favorite saying from a larger than life mentor from my mid-20s. He stated once that, "Every day is a school day."  Having a mentor, either family or a person from afar that one admires from afar, brings enrichment. We all have something to share with another when our minds are calm are prepared to receive. The local residents have taught me much and the hunger for more cannot be quenched. 

In a hurried world of booked schedules, text messages, technology and the absence of face to face interaction I wanted more. Getting back to our roots, whatever that be for each of us, can start a journey backwards. Backwards in time to days where people sat on front porches to visit with a neighbor or children played in the street until dark. I longed for those times for the second half of my life. And the school of learning began again, here in the Ozarks that I now lovingly call home. 

After one year of getting settled I set out to learn more about our new home.  Setting out to discover the flora, traditions of the region and the ways in which I could travel backward in time to that of my ancestors. Reading and research were and still are an integral part of each day. Talking to others who are far more versed in wildcrafted products and using what most consider weeds as a simple way of promoting health and wellness just seems like the right thing to do. Information from last generations was once handed down in story telling, hand written recipes and lore. We are loosing that invaluable information at a breakneck speed.  

The Good Acres Life Consciously Crafted products are all a part of a "school day" mentality.  Thinking more about what we use in our personal care to the small details of preservatives, ethically sourced ingredients, right down to the box we ship in. When you visit our website, we also hope to bring you new information, little nuggets of consciousness, products that really work for you and a little school day for your noodle. 

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