It's Time For Bed

The first killing frost is just a day or so away. We are saying goodbye to those Boston fern or the rugged petunias that still hang over the flower pots in glory. To me it is a rather bittersweet time as I pull plants from the ground, their roots firmly resisting me in a gentle tug of war.

It’s time for bed. Time to add additional mulch, deadhead those last blooms that are spent and possibly hang on to a few favorites by covering them for a few nights, in hope of a few warm days to follow. The bad news is, you cannot delay the inevitable, those little pretties are going down.

There is a fine line between what to remove, cleanup, pull, take inside, etc. There are insects, birds and other wee ones that need a place to over winter and by being too tidy in the garden we remove valuable nesting places. One of my favorite on-line resources for all things gardening related is The Old Farmers Almanac at The laundry list can be long so I look the information up each year like clockwork.

It is not too late to do the work that needs to be done now. While there is angst in removing a perfectly good plant today it will be a frozen sometimes difficult material to handle once frozen.

A message from the seed hoarder in me: Collect any last seeds you want to share and save.

Pay great attention to any plant that you suspected might have been diseased or infested with an insect during this growing season. Burn those questionable stems, stalks or leaves from the infested plant or throw it away somewhere not near your garden space. Do not use such greens in your compost or leave them lay around your garden area. This type of disease will only bring issues for your upcoming year. That is a must do.

While the act of removing this years beauty is somewhat sad I like to think ahead to new seeds I have purchased and plan to plant the coming year. Our garden and yard spaces are like a solid white sheet of paper. Creativity is endless year to year by use of different color and height. The garden and yard are my living art project’s. We can cultivate our talents by making mistakes and through these mistakes our garden get’s better with each passing year, a masterpiece of our own liking and creation.

Tonight we double checked the greenhouse heater temperature, prepared the last plants we wished to save this winter. I removed a few more marigolds, gathered the last tomatoes and Borage seeds and yep, I covered my Calendula and Borage, just because. Pulling the sweet climbing petunias that are just outside the Miss She Shed’s doors was the most difficult.

All of this preparation allows me to focus on completing a new environmental cleaning product for the home and batches of product for GOOD ACRES LIFE shop. This is the time of year I like to bring out the sewing machine to make a few Christmas gifts. We have our wood stacked and ready for winter. I absolutely cannot wait for David stoke a nice wood fire in our fireplace.

I can say we are ready for bed.

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