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Our Story


How it all started

The heart and hands behind Good Acres Life products is Mariette Spidel. A cosmetologist and skin care professional by trade. The company motto of Consciously Crafted reflects the tedious selection of not only ingredients but packaging, using post consumer recycled material in all aspects of business. Along with her husband David, they owned and operated a day spa and salon which utilized products focusing on plant and flower essences. The company focus was treating the entire body as an eco system.

Moving to the Ozark plateau region of Arkansas years 8 ago has truly fulfilled her calling. Good Acres Life hand crafted salves, lotions and balms are consciously crafted with simple and pure ingredients, avoiding petrochemicals. The hand crafted western cedar products in their store also reflect their environmental consciousness.

Her home away from home is a small garden cottage she refers to as Ms. She Shed. This small structure allows for reading and reflecting time along with the crafting of several Good Acres Life products. Appointed with antiquities and little treasures that bring her joy, weather allowing she opens all the doors and quietly observes the plants growing in the Good Acres Garden. Most always in good company of several of their dogs and cats, Elsa, Fritz, Rosie Cat, Harry the Hairy Cat and Ruby Jean, stealth kitty of the woods.

Every day is a school day
— Horst Rechelbacher

Our Ingredients

Consciously Crafted means that we research each individual plant or herbs. We start with heirloom non-GMO varieties. We grow these plants through organic gardening practice and care. We hand pick flowers daily from May until September in our own garden. During the growing season we created infusions by both using fresh and dried herbs and flowers. Infusing the ingredients into organic oils allow for the extraction of beneficial properties from each plant. For the ingredients that we do not grow here at the Good Acres we source from companies who are conscious of fair trade and are free from animal cruelty involved research.

Our products are packaged in food grade containers and are 98% recyclable. Our paper goods are compostable with 99% being post consumer use. Other materials found in your purchase could include Hemp cord, 100% organic cotton string, sustainable woods, unbleached muslin and recycled fabrics. We care about the long term complications of waste we create as consumers. Our passion is to to make our world a better place one small measure at a time.

Our wooden handcrafted items are made from Thuja plicata,  commonly called Western Red Cedar.  WRC is eco friendly in that it produces fewer greenhouse gases, requires less energy to produce and also produces less water and air pollution in manufacturing. WRC is very weather resistant in itself unfinished or sealed. We protect each of our cedar wood items with food grade organic hemp oil.

We are dedicated to using 100% post consumer materials in all mailing supplies for your purchase.  

We are open to and appreciate your feedback in any area where we can make improvements.

Thank you for visiting Good Acres Life.


The Soothing Salve is fantastic! I originally bought the salve after burning my hands with ghost peppers. Pain was alleviated fast! Burned my finger on the stove this week and the same quick relief. Love this product!! - CG Butler

Such a wonderful product. Bought the Soothing Salve for my poor husband that is always being bitten by something or another on our farm. Helps so much with the itch. It is nice to know that it is organic. - T Griffin

My friend loved the Restorative Lotion I gave her as a birthday gift. I have used the original try and travel size, ready for the larger for myself as Winter is approaching. - Online customer feedback

Furry Friends

When we bought the Good Acres our barn came with two established cats. We have only one today, our old girl, Suri cat. Our first adventure into country living was to add a dog, our German Shepherd Elsa, only 8 weeks old. When Elsa was around 7 months old I spotted Fritz on a local rescue webpage. We fell in love with him at first sight. It took several months of work and obedience training before he became fully integrated into our pack.

Two years ago, I received a call from our local pet shelter asking if I would foster 5 very small kittens who were found at our local recycle center. Hesitantly, I said yes and the rest is history. Out of five kittens three became ours while the others were adopted. Rosie, Ruby and Harry were raised with the help of Elsa as Fritz watched on. Today we joke and call them ‘kitty dogs’. Let me finish with my famous line, “I am not a cat person”.

These furry loving creatures entertain us, protect us and most of all they complete our family.