Botanicals, not chemicals

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Flower Power

By using pure essences from flowers and plants we are nurturing and caring for ourselves with their antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-yeast, antiviral and antibacterial properties.


Creating Rituals

Create time in your day to NURTURE and PURIFY your skin. NOURISH and INFUSE your body with ingredients from the earth and nature. Shop our store for more information on our skin and body collections.


Consciously Crafted

RITUAL gift set, eye pillow and 1oz Rest spray.

RITUAL gift set, eye pillow and 1oz Rest spray.

Post Consumer Use

Our commitment to eco-awareness is reflected in our use of Kraft paper products that are 100% post consumer use. Kraft is used in packaging, all shipping material, product insert, gift boxes and gift wrap. These materials can be shredded or torn and added into your compost.

Plastics vs Biodegradable

We source PLA, a plant based alternative to traditional petrochemical plastics. PLA is shown to degrade faster than some materials that will never decompose. Our clear bags are PLA and the KRAFT envelopes are PLA lined. Every measure to reduce non-degrading items from our landfills is important.

Whisker Wash and Whisker Wrangler beard care

Whisker Wash and Whisker Wrangler beard care

Soothing Salve, soothes skins from burns, bites and scrapes

Soothing Salve, soothes skins from burns, bites and scrapes

Recycle Repurpose Reuse

We encourage you to find creative uses for our containers after use. Our tins make purse or backpack size vitamin boxes, Our spray bottle can be used for an atomizer to hold your bulk liquids you wish to use around your home. Our PET roll-up and PET jar are 100% recyclable.


The Soothing Salve is fantastic! I originally bought the salve after burning my hands with ghost peppers. Pain was alleviated fast! Burned my finger on the stove this week and the same quick relief. Love this product!! - CG Butler

I love the NATURE clay mask. It makes my face glow, feel so soft and clean. I use it often because it make my face feel so good. I like the NATURE Mask Enhancer also. M. Merkle

Such a wonderful product. Bought the Soothing Salve for my poor husband that is always being bitten by something or another on our farm. Helps so much with the itch. It is nice to know that it is organic. - T Griffin

My friend loved the Restorative Lotion I gave her as a birthday gift. I have used the original try and travel size, ready for the larger for myself as Winter is approaching. - Online customer feedback

I love the NURTURE soap. It makes my face feel so soft and it is not drying. - Becky R.

I need another bottle of the REST spray. At night I spray a few pumps on my pillow and fall asleep so quickly. I love the smell. - R. Smith

Last week I was bitten by a spider in my face. A tingle, red area moved outward from the bite. I remembered your salve and put rolled it on the bite. Within a short period of time all itching and tingling was gone. - M. Bardwell

Good Acres

Furry Friends

When we bought the Good Acres our barn came with two established cats. We have only one today, our old girl, Suri cat. Our first adventure into country living was to add a dog, our German Shepherd Elsa, only 8 weeks old. When Elsa was around 7 months old I spotted Fritz on a local rescue webpage. We fell in love with him at first sight. It took several months of work and obedience training before he became fully integrated into our pack.

Two years ago, I received a call from our local pet shelter asking if I would foster 5 very small kittens who were found at our local recycle center. Hesitantly, I said yes and the rest is history. Out of five kittens three became ours while the others were adopted. Rosie, Ruby and Harry were raised with the help of Elsa as Fritz watched on.

On April 11, 2019 we lost our dear Harry cat, after a brief illness that took him quickly. We brought him home to the Good Acres for a small burial with all his siblings, David and the dog’s.

Our furry loving creatures entertain us, protect us and most of all they complete our family.